Nikola Arkane and FizzWizzPop gets an award

Rising Star Award

FizzWizzPop got a big surprise in June, when she opened a letter and found that her older alterego, Nikola Arkane, had been awarded the Slaight International Rising Star award, which included a hefty sum of money and an iPad.

Allan Slaight was a Canadian rock and rock radio pioneer, media mogul and philanthropist. Most of Slaight’s career was in broadcasting professionally however his talents in the media did not stop him from exploring his passion for magic. Alongside his privately-owned network of radio stations in Canada, Allan managed to tour America with his magic, publish tricks in magazines and impress the magic world to boot.

Allan Slaight Awards

In 2015 Allan’s family created the Slaight Family Foundation recognising the things that meant the most to Allan in his lifetime. These donations continue to benefit theatre, arts, health and disease research, radio, film, literature – and magic!

Thanks to this recognition, FizzWizzPop will be able to research and create new ways to entertain kids and families. Take a peek at the lovely video the organisation put together!

This news was also covered by Belfast Live.

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