“Thanks so much for the fun, snot and confetti!”

Jennifer McClure

The FizzWizzPop Magic show is an immersive and interactive magical experience for children and families. FizzWizzPop is guaranteed to make you and your children laugh, smile and really enjoy what a magic show should be… an entertaining performance that brings people together through this girls love of magic!

Suitable for ages 4+

This show is interactive, colourful and designed to engage children from toddlers up. Children younger than 4 might need supervision to take part fully in the show.

The Magic age for a FizzWizzPop magic show is 6 because this is the stage where children really engage with magic and are very curious about the world around them.

Also it’s the perfect age where they are guaranteed to remember it.

One of FizzWizzPop’s goals in performing and working with children is that magical memorable moments can be created. FizzWizzPop wants everyone who experiences the show to remember her and what the magic felt like!

Duration 40-45 minutes

The FizzWizzPop show is completely adaptable however the show can be no less than 30 minutes. Why… because it’s important that the show is an immersive experience.

FizzWizzPop works hard to build a world that children enter into and this requires time to




And finally


The best circumstances to experience this with FizzWizzPop is to allow the full time stated above to enjoy the show fully.

“The mums and dad’s enjoyed it just as much!”

Linda-Jane Murray

The best way to enjoy the FizzWizzPop magic show is to pack the whole family into one room in your home and watch it together. There is nothing more enjoyable for FizzWizzPop than performing a show for the whole family.

It took having kids to see just how wildly varied the options for them are and a *lot* are pretty shoddy. It was, therefore, a complete joy to watch your show which was charming, funny, surprising and clearly the result of years of honing your craft. It is obvious how much passion and care has gone into your show and as both a parent and theatre-maker, I really appreciated the skill.

Pure magic, Indeed!

Claire Murray, June 2021

Contact Info

Please note that FizzWizzPop only takes bookings within the three month period prior to an event. For festivals and large events, it can be discussed.


Nikola ‘FizzWizzPop’ McBride
Apt. 5 Hemsworth Court,
29 Malvern Way,
BT13 1DZ Belfast

Email: info@fizzwizzpop.com
Phone (UK): +44 7878775690
Phone (Sweden): +46 76705 52 53

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