Magic by FizzWizzPop

The children roared with laughter!

A MAgical Experience for all

“I cannot wait to bring FizzWizzPop’s magic to an event near you soon!”

– FizzWizzPop

The magic of FizzWizzPop

Nikola and a child do magic together
FizzWizzPop’s memorable magic shows

Make sure you have your camera ready, because it is a delight to see the faces of the kids when they participate in the FizzWizzPop magic show.

The girl FizzWizzPop is flying
Magic online!

Sometimes, we can’t all meet up in person. Fortunately, FizzWizzPop can entertain you even then. Read more about her digital shows.

Who is FizzWizzPop?

What is the origin story of this magical creature? Where do she come from? How did she learn to become magic? All your questions will be answered here!

Public FizzWizzpop Events happening near you!

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