It all began with a pop!

Who knew that this graduated drama student would begin her professional acting career in a cold metal box? This magical illusion would ultimately change her life forever!

After successfully escaping from it, I knew that the only thing I wanted from that moment on was to become a Magician!

Over the next years of my life I would experience the great joy and wonder of learning to work with children.

Whether we like it or not, children let us entertainers know if what we are doing is good or rubbish within an instant. We have to learn to be adaptable, patient, kind and jump on every little opportunity they present to us. Above all, we must love what we do.

There is nothing this girl loves more than making magic with and for children.

“I wholeheartedly believe, that it is my responsibility as the first magician most children witness in their lives, to show them what real magic can be. And for this reason, I will always perform magic for children.”

Nikola arkane

From her new book “Pop”

A Magical being is born

FizzWizzPop exists because of an innocent discovery, from within, of what real magic is and can be for others.

Magic is a feeling. A real emotion that takes hold and whisks you away to another world in your mind. It can make you think differently about the world around you. And it can make you want to change the world around you.

Relatable Character

I want to build magic that is relatable to children and families. If I were out there watching the FizzWizzPop show with my audiences what would I need to know for them to make sense. And that is a simple yet fun logic.

“Creating FizzWizzPop for children has probably been one of the best things I have achieved in my lifetime. It’s given me a genuine way to communicate with so many people using magic!”

Nikola Arkane

FizzWizzPop quote