Unique virtual content for events!

The isolation creation station

In April 2020, FizzWizzPop was awarded a resilience grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the National Lottery Fund to build a working recording studio in her tiny bedroom in Belfast. This enabled her to create original content in the form of personalised videos, pictures, tutorials, full shows and more

Virtual means FizzWizzPop can be anywhere in the world!

The fizzwizzpop virtual package

FizzWizzPop will hop onto your screens via Zoom meeting or Private Facebook live group providing a 20-40 minute interactive show for events, celebrations or party. If it’s a private event or public business event FizzWizzPop’s unique performances will be a memorable experience for all who take part.

Promotional material, magic tutorials, arts and crafts.

Recorded & edited content for individuals

FizzWizzPop can make unique material for your event, personalising content and material to promote your business to both customers and employees as a way to say thank you. I can create footage between 5 and 15 minutes long, short and sweet to get your message out in a magical and personal way. Here are some suggestions of where this might be best suited.

Openings, large gatherings, festivals. celebrations, welcome parties, product advertisement and employment recognition and thanks.

I can also make unique tutorials on magic, crafts, juggling and balloon modelling. Perhaps something different for an adult staff Christmas party or celebration.

The content will be created and delivered as a finished product or indeed I can work with your own creative team to get the best possible outcome and look. The process is entirely up to you.

To get an idea of FizzWizzPop’s digital content click play on the video link below.

Over the last two years FizzWizzPop has successfully collaborated with these organisations creating special content to support groups with families in need.