Pop! The lecture

creating magical memorable magic!

“““`”FizzWizzPop is a mixture between Deadpool, Pippi Longstocking and Golum!”

Ottar Kraemer, Sweden

Therefore it makes complete sense, that this character must be seen to be believed!

Show and tell!

The medium that works best for The Pop! lecture is one of live performance (a 30 minute mini magic show) followed directly by a 90-120 minute lecture exploring:

  • Show structure
  • Effects
  • Audience management

“Whilst I don’t do kids magic per say I found how you repurpose effects very interesting!”

Max mixell

IBM Ring 50 Member

Unique, Theatrical Magic shows

In this lecture for Magicians, FizzWizzPop breaks down what it takes to create magic that is engaging, comical and above all inspires children to believe in the joy that magic can bring.

FizzWizzPop is often asked by children after shows,

Can I become magic too, fizzwizzpop?

To discover FizzWizzPop’s secret to success we must explore

  • Character
  • Tools and theatrical devices
  • Storytelling
  • The real secret behind creating a successful business performing magic for children
  • Passion for working with and for children is inside you

“It’s always wonderful to see somebody put so much thought and care into their work, even if it’s “just” kids’ magic… you may be new to this lecturing thing, but you knocked it out of the park.”

Derrick Chung

Montreal Magicians Circle
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“I like how you create a little world where magic is real!”

Drew Owen

IBM Washington Society of Magicians

“It brought me such joy when you said, ‘This is my bed right here’ because suddenly I realised how beautifully you created a set, and how no one has an excuse to not have a professional zoom setting.”

Sara Trustman

Montreal Magicians