Winner of the Swedish Championships in Magic

Champion in Magic

The Swedish Championships in Magic 2023 was recently held at the Stockholm City Theatre and FizzWizzPop’s older alterego, Nikola Arkane, competed in three different categories.

Nikola entered in three categories, and won the First Prize in two of them: Close-up Parlour and Stage Magic General. And since she scored higher than everyone else in all the categories, she was also awarded the Grand Prix for Stage. Not bad at all!

Nikola Arkane in Parlour magic

It is pretty cool that a girl wins a competition in magic! It is something to be proud of!

But what happened in the third category? Yes, Nikola entered the Childrens Magic competition as well, as her alterego FizzWizzPop.

FizzWizzPop competing in Sweden

The actual performance went really well! But since FizzWizzPop became excited, she decided to speak Swedish all the way through the show, so that the Swedish children in the audience would understand her… and by that, she forgot to keep an eye on the clock and went over the time limit and lost some points. Still, it was all great fun!

If you want to know more, check out Nikola Arkane’s story, or look at the scores.

Photo: Olav Holten

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